Tan'gun in Education

Teaching pupils from reception right up to year 12, we teach Taekwondo based classes to children with a wide range of differing abilities.

This is incredibly challenging but equally rewarding work. We also instil the value of good manners (respect), and ultimately the basic principles of Taekwondo to the children.

'Taekwondo In Education' (T.I.E) is an umbrella Taekwondo programme developed for schools covering all Key Stage levels and all time areas. We cover Breakfast Clubs, Lunch Clubs and After School Clubs. We also cover Curriculum Time classes, these classes are typically accompanied by a teachers pack which is issued at the beginning of the programme.

Currently operating within the Boroughs Of Greenwich & Bexley, and proudly working alongside Greenwich Council and the School Sport Partnerships in the borough, all instructors are authentic, internationally recognised (Korean accreditation) Black Belts, and are fully insured and Enhanced CRB checked.

An All Inclusive Sport

Taekwondo is by it's very nature an all inclusive sport. As long as a student is capable of general body movement, they can participate. This has been proven time and again and particularly through our involvement with schools that specialise in students with disabilties.

Through our experience, a disability is no barrier. In fact, if there are children with disabilities they often prove to have amazing tenacity.

Why Taekwondo In Your School?

Taekwondo is a disciplined activity which covers many aspects of all the Key Stage PE objectives through the use of kicking, punching and defensive manoeuvres. It provides physical fitness and mental stimulation in a fun and exciting way, but above all teaches children respect for one and other.

Taekwondo enables children of all shapes, sizes and abilities to participate and is particularly beneficial for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and dyspraxia.

Many schools have already introduced this modern Olympic sport to their school and have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm demonstrated by the participating children.

Tan'Gun In Education aims to provide physical and psychological well-being to children aged 5-17 years, in a fun and safe manner whilst enabling them to acquire the basic principles of Taekwondo.

Following the ethos of basic Korean principles, children are encouraged to demonstrate a mutual respect for each other at all times both in and out of the classroom.

Active participation in Taekwondo will not only boost confidence but will also provide a real sense of overall achievement.

All equipment is provided and we are able to take a maximum of 30 KS 1, 2, 3 & 4 boys and girls.

Who we target:

  • Key Stages 1, 2, 3 & 4 
  • GCSE and BTEC PE Years 10 & 11 
  • Enrichment for Sixth Form 
  • Special Educational Needs.