The Best Things About Taekwondo

Posted by admin on March 28, 2019

49636260_s.jpgOriginating from Korea, Taekwondo has impressed many across the world with its high-kicks and epic displays of combat. While it’s great to look at, there’s far more to it than meets the eye.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about Taekwondo. Most who practice the sport will tell you what they love about it and they won’t struggle to come up with anything.

Here’s just a few examples over why we love Taekwondo.

Gain Discipline, Earn Respect

Taking part in Taekwondo allows students to build a great sense of discipline, both physical and mental. It allows them to give instructors and fellow students  respect, as well as themselves.

In return, they will also gain respect from their peers as well as their instructors. It helps them become more grounded and resistant to peer pressure.

Get Healthy

Taekwondo is a particularly demanding martial art and requires a lot of physical endurance and stamina to do well. This makes it a great way to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Many students find they quickly get stronger and fitter after a few lessons and develop much better reflexes than they had before. In short, if you want to get fit without the gym, why not try Taekwondo?

Practise Self-defence

Through Taekwondo, all students will learn skills that will help protect themselves and their loved ones whenever necessary. This makes them well-equipped for any dangerous situations which may arise.

As a bonus, it helps reduce levels of aggression. Martial arts are more than just fighting. The discipline, respect and sense of worth that come from taking part in this sport all lead to a much less aggressive temperament.

Gain Confidence

As students get stronger and develop their skills, they will naturally gain more confidence in their own ability and they will develop more willpower and determination along the way.

Constant motivation to improve oneself and progress to a higher belt will always set clear objectives and every time a student reaches them, they can transfer this into their career or their studies.

Does all this sound good to you? Why not book a session Tan’Gun Taekwondo Academy today?