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Cancelled Dates:
Sunday 11th November - No Classes due to instructor absence.

Grading Dates 2018:

1st December

 1st December

Ninjas, Cadets & Adults 
8th December 

Black Belt Grading
17th November 

Competitions & Important Dates 
Manchester  - 10th/11th November
Crawley - 24th November

Close For Christmas - 14th December 2018
Reopen again - 6th January 2019

The Syllabus

Students who train in any martial art will usually find there is a grading syllabus. Taekwondo is no exception. Passing the grading enables the student to climb up the belt system, which is a visual indication of achievement and experience. The syllabus is there to ensure that all students who train hard are able to pass at the standardised level.

It is important to remember that students who enter into training are in actual fact in preparation for their black belt, whether or not that is the goal intended. Everybody's path is different, but whichever the path the student chooses to take is usually the best for them.

There is a very good rule of thumb when it comes to training: 'Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!'

Syllabus Books are available for sale at the academy. Please do enquire at your next class.

Female Black Belt Taekwondo