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Grading Dates 2018:

18th August, 1st December

18th August, 1st December

Ninjas, Cadets & Adults 
 8th September, 8th December 

Black Belt Grading
17th November 

Competitions & Important Dates 
Welling (Tan'Gun Competition date to be confirmed), Southampton 13th October, Ireland 20th & 21st October, Manchester  10th/11th November

Master Battal Cinar (Kyroogi Seminar) - Sunday 7th October (Uxbridge)

What We Offer

Breakfast Clubs

Our breakfast club classes are designed to work the children hard enough to burn their energy off, enabling them to focus much easier on classes. Behaviour in classes after a breakfast club workout will show a marked improvement.


Assemblies are a fantastic way to get the 'message' across. Typically held after some involvement with school, we can also come in and introduce ourselves and our art in an inspirational and motivational way.

Curriculum Time Classes

Curriculum time classes tend to be one of the most popular kind of classes we do. We have a set programme which covers a whole term. These classes have evolved to offer an holistic approach to Taekwondo, offering worksheets which cover all the key subjects of NC guidelines.

After School Clubs

This is already fast becoming a much sought after requirement for many schools. Like the curriculum time classes, we have a set scheme of work for the students to follow, which inevitably leads to more desirability of the subject within the school. All we insist on is that participating schools arrange students into appropriate KS levels.  

Inset/Staff Training Days

We do run courses on staff training days, usually over a morning or afternoon. This can and does include:

  • Background advice & information on our curriculum time classes (this includes a very practical workshop).
  • Team/Confidence building Workshops
  • Further ideas on drills & exercises within PE classes

Class Talks

These sessions are themed according to the desires and needs of the class teacher. They can vary from 'Mat-Time' to covering items featured in curriculum time worksheets